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Alice Murphy is a senior sales associate at TelAmeriCorp. She is the branch manager of the Rancho Cucamonga TelAmeriCorp. She is the direct supervisor of Adam, Blake, and Anders. She was promoted to her position shortly after the three were hired.

Alice is a foul-mouthed divorcee who does not enjoy the antics of the Bros. She is subject to much flirting from Adam, to which she does not take kindly. She is a recovering alcoholic who used to be a party animal. She has a sister from whom she constantly craves acceptance.

Trivia Edit

  • It is revealed in "Blood Drive", that Alice's bloody type is AB, however it is unknown if it is AB positive or AB negative.
  • Alice has stated that she can not have kids, meaning that she is infertile.
  • Her phone password is Jillian's birthday.