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Anders holm

Anders "Ders" Holmvik is pretty awesome! Edit

Anders Tøfin Holmvik, or Ders as his friends call him, is a former college swimmer and RA for Blake and Adam. Edit

Anders smokes cigars and many would say he has the loosest butthole because he is the most responsible of the three, which isn't really saying a lot. He owns an old, red, crappy Volvo which is really the only form of transportation the three of them have. In turn, he carpools with Blake and Adam to TeleAmeriCorp. Edit

He's the most ambitious of the three and talks about how his dad is very successful (although this seems to not be the case anymore as seen in season 3, episode 6). Even though he might be the most responsible and least fun of the three, he still enjoys smoking and drinking as much as Blake and Adam. Edit

He is of Norwegian descent and also really enjoys freestyle rapping, black culture, and seemingly anything pornographic involving black people. He also enjoys pulling off pranks (such as "poop dollar"), but is not a fan of getting pranked himself. Edit

He is an atheist, asserting to Adam and Blake that when we die, "[t]here's nothing. Just your body getting eaten by worms and slugs," (season 4, episode 10). Edit

A loose butthole he does have, and that's why we love him. Edit

Ders is also into cycling, and favors Bianchi bikes. He most definitely knows chicks, he has slept with at least 10.

Adam and Blake mock Ders's taste in music, which runs the gamut from '90s "unplugged" grunge rock to EDM and the Ying Yang twins.

height: 6'5

age: 28

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