"When something they love is taken from them, the guys go undercover at a high school to investigate"

Heist School is the second season premiere of Workahoics that first aired on September 20th, 2011. It is also the 11th episode overall

Synopsis Edit

After the boys find out that their income taxes are helping to pay for the playground they're sitting in, they decide that the playground belongs to them. They then steal a dragon statue, believing it is theirs because of their taxes paid. After the statue (named "Reptar" by Adam, "Cee Lo Green" by Blake, and "Ivan Dragon" by Ders) is stolen by local teenagers, the boys decide to disguise themselves as high-school students and steal it back.

Cast Edit


Guest StarringEdit

  • John Farley as Principal Senn
  • Charlie Saxton as Jerry
  • Steven Krueger as Quaid Franklin


  • Wendy Worthington as Principal's Secretary
  • Brian Keith Etheridge as Mr. Calhoun
  • John Duffy as Dude
  • Taco Bennett as Taco
  • Randy Blekitas as Smoker #1
  • Shane Kaufman as Smoker #2
  • Jaidan Jiron as Girl #1
  • Mackenzie Aladjem as GIRL #2


  • Tyler the Creator as Student Defacing Car
  • Marta Woodhull as Mom at Van

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