TelAmeriCorp is a fictional telemarketing company in Workaholics. Not much is known about the company, but the show focuses on the Rancho Cucamonga, California branch of the company.

About Edit

Being a telemarketing firm, TelAmeriCorp focuses on selling its products by means of telecommunications. Being a national corporation, it has different branches - most notably, the Rancho Cucamonga branch. TelAmeriCorp repeatedly used the no-call-list under alice Murphy's command on instruction from Mr. Benson, the CEO of the company.

Employees Edit

TelAmeriCorp features a diverse group of employees, including Adam Demamp, Anders Holmvik, Blake Henderson. A majority of TelAmeriCorp employees are salesmen or telemarketers.


Assistant to the regional managerEdit


  • Alice Murphy


  • Mr. Benson


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