Three and a Half Men is the fifth episode of the fourth season Workaholics that first aired on Feb 19th, 2014. It is also the 45th episode overall.


The guys film a documentary about Karl's medical procedure.


Alice hires Adam, Blake and Anders to make a film in order to attract more clients and employees to Telamericorp. Anders get a set of spy camera sunglasses to film the movie. Adam and Blake decides not to do Alice's movie and opt for their own movie, Ders accepts on the condition that it won´t be a porno movie. Adam suggests that they should do a Documentary where he tries to eat a thousand hot dogs in a week, but they reject the idea saying that is stupid and unhealthy. Karl then comes to inform the guys that he has decided to have his penis removed and have it surgically attached to Blake. Ders decide to make a movie about the operation.

Adam decides to eat a thousand hot dogs on his own and fails to convince Ders to do his documentary. The guys makes a visit to Doctor Johnson, who decides to perform the operation on Karl on Friday. Meanwhile, Adam meets one of Dr Johnson´s assistant and feels sexually attracted to her. Karl is having seconds thoughts about the operation and have arguments with Blake and Ders. Adam decides to support the operation and the guys convinces Karl that the operation will be a success.

On the day of the operation, Adam makes out with Dr. Johnson´s assistant and discovers that she will have a sex change operation and that she thought that Adam was homosexual because of the way he ate the wieners, but the two decide to become Bros only. Blake and Ders are watching some of the footage they have recorded and they see Karl crying over the fact that he will miss his penis.

Blake decides to cancel the operation, even though the Doctor was halfway through. Blake accepts the fact that he can live with his baby penis and the guys decide to go back with Alice's idea. Everything goes well, until Alice and the audience end up seeing one part from the documentary which featured Karl showing his penis, much to their embarrassment.



Guest StarringEdit

  • Kyle Newacheck as Karl Hevacheck
  • Ali Reza Farahnakian as Dr. Johnson
  • Cerina Vincent as Laura


  • Phil Abrams as Hot Dog Vendor
  • Jodi Fung as Masseuse
  • Gil Harris as Gil

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