To Friend a Predator is the eighth episode in the first season of Workaholics that first aired on May 25, 2011.

Synopsis Edit

A local child molester attracts the guys' attention, but not, as it turns out, for the reason they expected.

Cast Edit


Guest StarringEdit

  • Chris D'Elia as Topher
  • Kyle Newacheck as Karl Hevacheck
  • Rachel Sterling as Shanna
  • Jennifer Lyons as Jess
  • Sara Sanderson as Bree
  • Hayley Holmes as Gymnast
  • Larry Udy as Fat Cop
  • Kate Ascott-Evans as Photographer


  • Krystal Alvarez as Gymnast #1
  • Melanie Booth as Gymnast #2
  • Milo Eriksen as Vinny
  • Mary Hallman as Mrs. Lawler